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Reactions As Nigerian Billionaire Emeka Offor Storms Village With Armed Policemen


Emeka Offor

Nigerian billionaire businessman, Emeka Offor, has sparked reactions online over the armed policemen and private security personnel that followed him to his village in Anambra State.

Recall the issue of gunmen attacks and abductions has been on the increase over the past few months and this might be the reason Emeka made sure he was fully guarded.

Naija News learned that the oil magnate who recently paid a visit o his village also left Oraifite, Anambra state with a large number of armed policemen and private security personnel who escorted him to the airport.

Reacting to the video, some netizens claimed the high number of security officers might be due to fear of kidnapping while others lamented over the country’s insecurity saying Emeka Offor should not be blamed.

fashion_magicblog wrote: “This is why people will have to vote right, not everybody has money for security personnel”

black_arab1 wrote: “This is why Rich People and politicians don’t care about the insecurity they caused in the country, because they can afford this. We better put tribal differences aside and face reality, because when it’s all go down more than half of the armed forces in the country will only protect the 0.005 percent of the population”

uyimeabasii_ wrote: “Jesus!!! Chai, security in this country is just for the Rich! See all these Armed men cos of one person !?”

valkev1 wrote: “Wetin him dey fear??? For his own town hall again…. He dey fear…. Ike gwuruz”

emmy_pounds5033 wrote: “All this armed men protecting only one man,who will then protect us the common men Nigeria is gone”

marynriagu wrote:  “This is serious. The East is at what with itself. We need peace. Glad he can afford the security; well, some people can’t afford such. The killings and kidnapping cases are on the increase every day! Stop this killing of your brothers and sisters”

bukapinch wrote: “Right there is the reason why they will do anything to keep widening the gap between the rich and the poor.”

officiallychidi wrote: “If you tell the common Nigerian to vote right it will cause fight while they forget they are the ones to bear the consequences of everything, the elites send their kids abroad and they themselves are well protected in the country while the common man becomes sacrificial lambs.”

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d.generaloflagos wrote: “That man is a business man. He owes nobody anything!!! He can choose to move with whatever security that he can afford, aslong as he is not in any ELECTED position or appointed position by the government.”