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Kwankwaso Sparks Reactions Over Comments On Labour Party


Kwankwaso Takes Massive Lead In Kano, Wins 16 LGAs Out Of 18 Declared

The presidential candidate of the New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP), Rabiu Kwankwaso has sparked reactions over his comments on working with the Labour Party (LP).

Speaking on Wednesday at Chatham House in London about his plans and policies, Kwankwaso asserted that the Labour Party is based on ethnicity and religion.

Kwankwaso, however, said he was interested in working with the party’s flagbearer, Peter Obi, but they couldn’t reach a compromise on how to achieve an alliance.

The former Kano State Governor explained that LP was at the peak of its media hype at that time so it was difficult for both parties to reach a compromise.

Kwankwaso added that the NNPP has a wide appeal and commands national support.

He said: “On Labour Party, I was initially interested in working with them, but at that time, they were at peak of the media hype and we couldn’t reach a compromise. Our party (NNPP) is a National Party, and we’re commanding the support of the masses.

“If you have a party which is based on ethnicity and religion, that is the difference between the Labour party and our party which is a national party New Nigeria Peoples Party.

Reacting, some supporters of the LP flagbearer slammed the former Minister of Defence for claiming that the LP is based on ethnicity and religion, while others backed Kwankwaso’s comments.

See some of the reactions below.

@devGuy5 wrote: “Lie, neither of u wanted to be each other’s vice, so u both went your separate ways. Kwakwanso is a Muslim for the north so his base is natural Muslim north, nothing strange in Christians giving their overwhelming support to obi, how many times has this man visited the south to the campaign.

@temptee101 wrote: “This man is so full of himself. With all the recognition and acceptance LP and PO is getting both locally and internationally, he still couldn’t hide his bigotry. Where else have you heard of NNPP apart from the NW and NE?”

@MizCazorla1 wrote: “Kwankwaso has said it all. LP is a party based on ethnicity & religion. It is that simple!

@iamstevemario wrote: “Kwankwaso we love you,u will win, don’t step down for anybody, Peter Obi is known only In Anambra state, outside Anambra,u will even win him in the rest of the South East states, please don’t step down for anybody, on your mandate.”

@Ibnbazo wrote: “The truth is that those supporting Kwankwaso today are doing it because of what he did in the past as a governor, but you see this peter obi’s supporters I can’t literary say they are doing it because Obi is competent. Because he has nothing to show as a governor.

@chosensomto wrote: “You guys calling Kwankwaso proud, what do you call the person that asked him to withdraw from the race?”

@Meche4James wrote: “Labour Party for once is never a based on ethnicity and religion. Peter Obi did not form Labour Party. Why are all the other Presidential candidates have Peter Obi on their lips?”

@BashirAhmaad wrote: “Couldn’t agree more with Kwankwaso here.

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@calebokpe3 wrote: “These are the problem. Instead of telling the world hos you want to solve the current challenges in Nigeria, you’re focusing on Obi and the Labour Party. What you’ve said now, how has it help your campaign? When will Nigeria be free from the bondage of tribalism and religionism?”