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2023: Buhari Speaks About Money Politics, Says Its Time For Nigeria To Change The Narrative




SDP Speaks On Alliance With Tinubu's APC For 2023 Presidency

The Vice Presidential candidate of the
Social Democratic Party (SDP) in the February 25 election, Engr. Yusuf Buhari has said if Nigeria needs to be set on the right track, Nigerians need to desist from all forms of money politics.

According to him, money politics cannot take Nigerians out of the present challenges confronting the nation.

He said Nigeria’s current woes could only be addressed by a visionary, patriotic, just and determined leadership.

Naija News reports that Buhari told pressmen in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital, that electorates need to shun money politics during the forthcoming election “because it cannot take us anywhere”

Buhari noted that politics in the country is determined by the people who have the most money, not by those who can offer the best, and thus “We can not continue to play money politics.”

He advanced that “The task ahead requires governance with full awareness of our differences so that we can fully harness and utilize the potentials of these differences with justice.

“The progress or success that we must aim for as a people, are also a direct consequence of self-accountability and self-discipline.

“If we continue to play money politics, then our politics will be determined by the people who have the most money, not by those who can offer the best. These are critical components for bringing sanity and functionality to any system, as well as defining a responsible citizenry.

“We must resolve to halt and reverse this trend of failure. It is time to start walking the path that would lead this country to success and prosperity. And even if for nothing else, let us do it for our children. Our solutions and our destiny are adequately in our hands.”

He, therefore, appealed to the electorates to vote for his principal, the flag bearer of the SDP, Prince Adewole Adebayo, as well as other candidates of the party in order to take Nigerians out of the present challenges.

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