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APC Campaign Council Under Fire Over Ban Of Arise TV From Tinubu’s Lagos Event



The All Progressives Congress Presidential Campaign Council (APC-PCC) has come under heavy criticism for banning Arise Television from covering its event in Lagos State.

Naija News reported earlier that the APC Presidential candidate, Bola Tinubu, held a meeting with the Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG) in Ikoyi last Friday.

There was, however, a dramatic moment after an Arise News journalist was sent out of the venue for allegedly covering the event illegally, which led to an outrage on Twitter.

Reacting to the outrage and mixed reactions that greeted the incident, the APC Campaign Council Director of Media and Publicity, Bayo Onanuga, said the ruling party was not against Arise TV.

Onanuga maintained in a post on his Twitter handle that the Arise TV journalist was not authorized by anyone to live stream the event.

The APC chieftain said the event was not to be live-streamed but recorded and shown later. Onanuga further said that other media houses that did not breach the rule were not sent out of the event centre.

Onanuga Tweeted: “For clarity, the Tinubu-Shettima campaign is not against Arise TV covering its events. The Lagos NESG dialogue was not meant for TV live coverage. It was to be recorded and shown later. Other TV houses did not breach the rule, except Arise News. And it was done by stealth. Why?”

Reacting to the explanation, some Nigerians slammed Onanuga for claiming that the APC campaign was not against Arise TV covering its events, while others claimed that the ruling party wanted to hide errors made by its flagbearer.

See some of the reactions below

@SavvyRinu wrote: “Listen to yourself, sir. Just listen. Do you think this is a movie where you choose what you show us?”

@kunzybaba wrote: “A home goal by Mr Onanuga. The intention was to do a recorded show, then doctored to remove the gaffes before releasing it for public consumption.”

@prettycachy wrote: “Mr Bayo, why are you guys shielding TINUBU from anything LIVE TELECAST or coverage? Are you not confident in his abilities? Imagine a man running for the highest office in 🇳🇬 and is been guarded and hoarded like a palliative from the same electorate who will either vote for him or not.

@Drmuzoic wrote: “Why do you guys love recorded events so much?

@LVHDLVTF wrote: “The NESG meeting was intended for Tinubu to unfold his plans for the economy! I was aware it was scheduled and made time to watch it live only to be informed it would not be broadcasted. All we currently have from that meeting is a 4-minute clip published by TVC!!

@abiri_olubunmi wrote: “You are just disgracing yourself as a know journalist and newspaper owner, you are invited to a program and you are given people conditions just because you know that Tinubu may talk nonsense and it will need to be edited, is this how you want to package rubbish as president?”

@Yemiajayi_lcc3 wrote: “As I explained to you in our telephone conversation when you called me earlier today on the issue, there was nothing stealthily about ARISE NEWS coverage and live streaming of the
@officialABAT event at the NESG, Ikoyi, Lagos yesterday…”

@Ekwulu wrote: “Why are you afraid of a live telecast? What are you guys hiding? 🤣🤣🤣”

@Gbemmy_Okito wrote: “Lmao record and edit to deceive the public. For here? Change that mindset it’s not gonna work here.”

@Echi_di_ime wrote: “You guys wanted to go home and edit all his flaws, shameless people.

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@fem_desmond wrote: “It was to be recorded and shown later” which means they’ll have to edit and edit before putting it out to the public…God forbid BATting

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