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Nollywood Actor Sparks Reactions Over Strong Allegation On Alex Ekubo, Fancy




Alex and Actor

Nollywood actor, Samuel Ijemitalo, has sparked mixed reactions over his comment on Alex Ekubo and his estranged lover’s relationship saga.

Naija News recalled that the ex-lovers have been trending on social media over their relationship issues in the past few weeks.

The fracas began after Fancy apologized to Alex publicly and he failed to acknowledge their relationship.

This led to Fancy divulging some deep secrets about their relationship, insisting that the thespian cheated on her, and was verbally and financially abusive.

Reacting, Samuel Ijemitalo, alleged that Alex is gay while Fancy Acholonu is bisexual.

According to him, the former lovebirds had a mutual agreement to get married and please the public eye but it backfired.

He wrote: “The crux of the matter is Alex Ekubo is gay, Fancy is Bisexual. They had a mutual agreement to get married and please the public eye but the eventuality happened”

The strong allegation sparked reactions among many netizens who claimed that Alex can sue him for the claims.

officialbobbyfredrick__ wrote: “But if Alex files a case of defamation against u ,u will prove evidence to this ur claim oooo”

veevogee wrote: “He kukuma don talk the thing wey fancy dey fear to talk since”

gbemi_star wrote: “If they sue this one now, another keeping up will start”

an_nur_mubarak wrote: “Even if Alex was gay, gays are human too, we have every fundamental right to speak and be heard”

egoumez wrote: “And you are an actor? If they stop giving you jobs now you we’ll h at justice tor whoever you are”

kylie_joy_terundu wrote: “And someone has FINALLY called the spade, a spade!”

veevogee wrote: “How did you know he’s gay?? Is he your partner???”

osdevicesofficials wrote: “Na him tell you say him be ga@y? It only in Nigeria people just open there mouth to defame individual without penalty….”

angelctp wrote: “He’s really saying the truth. Fancy knows what Alex was when they got together. And it was their agreement to marry and do things with other people. But fancy later developed jealousy cos she fell in love more. Everything backfired on both of them”

mnet26 wrote: “I don’t think is right for anyone to just wake-up and accuse someone of something without evidence. I mean this people are human beings and they have family members. How do you want them to feel?”

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