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You Have Failed To Reply Me With Facts, Kukah Fires Presidency


Major Highlights Of Kukah's Christmas Message To Buhari

The Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Sokoto, Matthew Kukah, has slammed the Presidency over its constant attack against his personality.

Kukah said Presidential spokesmen have failed to reply to him with facts for speaking on the failures of their principal or speaking for the attacks on Christians in the North.

Naija News reports that the fiery cleric stated these in his 2022 Christmas Message released on Sunday and titled, ‘Nigeria: Let Us Turn A New Page.’

He said: “If they accuse me of stating inconvenient facts/truths, then, they can at least give the facts their interpretations. For example, who will quarrel with the fact that our glory has departed as a country? Where is our voice respected today even within the African continent which looks up to us for leadership?

“Is being the poverty capital of the world and one of the most violent states in the world an achievement? And our suffocating internal and international debts? And you do not think our glory has departed?”

Kukah also cautioned politicians against fanning the embers of hatred and divisions and asked them to promote unity among Nigerians.

The cleric also cautioned Nigerian leaders to manage Nigeria’s diversity, adding that nepotism is a cancer that has consumed the country in the last few years.

He added: “I plead with you to co-operate and collaborate with institutions which are tasked with the responsibilities for these elections. Do not further fan the embers of hatred and divisions. Seek to create a vision that can unite our country.

“We have paid the price of nepotism entrusting power into the hands of mediocre who operate as a cult and see power purely as an extension of the family heirloom.”

Kukah said Nigeria has become a tale of two cities with wars between the rich and the poor and fixing our country and getting it back requires courage, honesty, truth, humility, trust, and firm commitment”.

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He appealed to all Nigerians who have been given custody of public trust and commonwealth to rise up to the duties for which they have been so handsomely rewarded.

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