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World Rugby To Introduce ‘Shot Clock’ In January




In order to speed up play starting in 2023, World Rugby has announced a number of new legal guidelines.

To speed up play, World Rugby says a countdown timer (shot clock) will be implemented for scrums and goal kicks in January.

The ‘shot clock’ stipulates that players have 90 seconds to attempt a conversion and a minute to commit a penalty before the kick is deemed invalid.

World Rugby To Introduce 'Shot clock' In January

Rugby players getting set to kick-off a match.

Additionally, the new rules which will take effect on January 1 mandate that line-outs form immediately and that scrums must begin within 30 seconds; any delays will result in penalty kicks.

A natural halt should only be used if there are no tries in the game, said World Rugby’s director of rugby, Phil Davies.

The adjustments, according to World Rugby, are intended to increase game flow and lessen the need for Television Match Official reviews, which prolong action pauses.

A try must be scored before water carriers are allowed on the field of play.

Note that the Top 14 of France already has a clock for goal kicks in action.

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Davies explained: “World Rugby, member unions and competitions will work with broadcasters and match hosts to implement on-screen (stadia and broadcast) shot clocks for penalties and conversions to ensure referees, players and fans can view the countdown, mirroring what happens in the LNR (French national league) and sevens.”