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Reactions As Foreigner In Qatar Mocks Tinubu’s Gaffe At Recent Rally



A foreigner at the World Cup in Qatar has sparked reactions online after making a mockery of the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate, Bola Tinubu’s gaffe at a recent campaign rally.

Naija News reports that Tinubu has been suffering a series of gaffes since his party officially kicked off its campaign rally ahead of the 2023 election.

While some concerned Nigerians advised the former Governor of Lagos State to talk less during campaign rallies others still claimed the gaffes are becoming annoying.

Tinubu became a topic of discussion online over a viral video of him speaking gibberish during the stakeholders meeting at Imo State last month.

The statement was tagged meaningless as many Nigerians tried to decode and interpret Tinubu’s words.

However, a Foreigner during the World Cup made a mockery of Tinubu’s gaffe alongside a man who is probably a Nigerian.

Some Nigerians reacted to the video.

shazzybaybee__ wrote: “This is how the whole world will make a mockery of us if this man ends up becoming president”

the_monumental_guy wrote: “Normally tinubu suppose dey play for parlour with him grandkids”

quencyvee wrote: “God…..see how Nigerians have become a joke God abeg”

vickkyveee wrote: “Continue making him more popular,he’s your next President come 2023″

hbells_26 wrote: “God please save us from 8 year of shame”

chisommichelle_ wrote: “Nobody is allowed to mock him other than Nigerians. This slander is insulting biko”

sassyslimshady_ wrote: “Emi lokan to the world! Ali Baba no do pass this one”

lifeafterbbngist wrote: “Make this guy know say him go better remain for Qatar or else”

e_ustace wrote: “E don reach for world cup for Qatar Casted worldwide smh”

francky_newyork wrote: “Greed very shameful you have everything but still want more shame”

tamara_agua wrote: “God forbid for us to have a president that is an international laughing stock..Only in Nigeria that people will openly support a known criminal to become president..what a shame”

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