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‘Small Men Like Us Don’t Mind Prostrating’ – Udom Speaks On PDP G-5 Grievances


Udom ‘Retires’ Senator, Rep, Congratulates Eno As Akwa Ibom PDP Governorship Candidate

The Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Udom Emmanuel, has aired his opinion on the crisis rocking the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) ahead of the 2023 general elections.

Emmanuel on Tuesday expressed optimism that the internal crisis in the main opposition party would be resolved before the 2023 races.

The Chairman of the PDP presidential campaign council in an interview with ThisDay said PDP is making progress in resolving the crisis in the party.

He noted that you can not allow anyone to dump the party, adding that every vote is important if PDP must win the forthcoming election.

Udom,  who described some of them as small men in the party, said they don’t mind prostrating to appeal to the five aggrieved Governors of the party identified as the G-5.

He added that the party has made mistakes, however, he believes that the mistakes would not break the party.

Speaking during the interview, Emmanuel said, “We are trying to take the right step. That’s why you are asking about a few issues in our party, and I said, of course, we are making progress. We’ll resolve all issues. You can’t let anybody go in an election; every vote matters.

“Every single person is important in politics, not to talk of when you’re talking about very big men. Small men like us will go and prostrate ourselves before them: please oh, big men, don’t let us down. I’m into this game to win. I don’t think anybody will get to this point and be doing permutation. What kind of permutation?

“But they are not unhappy with me as Udom Emmanuel. Did they tell you they were unhappy with the party? Four of them are candidates of the party. They hold tickets of the party. They’re members of the party; you are getting it wrong.

“Even spoons and plates hit themselves and create a lot of noise; that doesn’t mean they’ve broken. It doesn’t mean they’ve broken. I think that is the situation here. The fact that people are unhappy, it is inevitable, definitely inevitable, with a large party like PDP. It is the largest party in the whole of Africa.

“So, certainly, we all make mistakes. I must also confess as a party, we’ve made mistakes, and as individuals, we’ve made mistakes. But these mistakes, I can assure you, will not break us. We are trying to come back, review and then reappraise and see how we can move forward, and I can assure you, we’ll do that.

“I say I’m not looking at any permutation. I’m going into this (election) with optimism because if I’m going with permutation, it means I shouldn’t be the chairman of the campaign council. I’m going with optimism. I would not have accepted being the chairman if I was not optimistic that I’m going to win. So, we are in the race to win. There’s no permutation in this case at all.”

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