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Wike Will Be Charged To Court For The Death Of The 25 Children By His Administration – Nwoko




Billionaire businessman, Ned Nwoko has alleged that the Rivers state government led by  Nyesom Wike is responsible for the death of twenty-five children who were hospitalized in a Rivers-State-owned hospital.

Nwoko, in a statement issued by his Media Directorate and made available to Naija News, alleged that the children who were on life support died because the hospital could not afford electricity.

Nwoko stated this while replying to Wike’s allegations against him on the Paris Club Refunds and the alleged payments of 13% derivation to the South-South States.

He argued that Wike could not be pointing fingers at governors over corrupt practices when his fingers are also soiled


He said, “Wike spoke of corruption among some governors. A kettle cannot call Pot black. A man with both hands stained with filthy lucre lacks moral justification to utter one word on embezzlement. To go sanctimonious is unpardonable criminality. Wike, no matter the pretence, has exposed himself towards the jail.

“We need to remind Wike for the umpteenth time, in case he has forgotten, that 25 innocent children in life support machines died in a Rivers State-owned hospital at the same hour because the hospital could not afford electricity. He could not provide electricity, having diverted all funds to meaningless ventures for self-aggrandisement.

“At the appropriate time when his dictatorial reign on the high horse is over, he would surely answer charges of criminal negligence at the International Court of Justice for the sad deaths of those children.


“It is laughable that a man of monumental corrupt tendencies and wanton profligacy could so unabashedly talk when his activities connote unimaginable scam and fraudulence