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Knocks As Buhari’s Aide Compares New Naira Notes With US $100 Dollar Bill



Knocks As Buhari's Aide Compares New Naira Notes With US $100 Dollar Bill

President Muhammadu Buhari’s Special Assistant on Digital Communications, Bashir Ahmad, has come under social media attack after posting an old and new United States one-hundred-dollar bill in reaction to critics on the ‘redesigned’ naira notes recently unveiled by his principal.

Naija News reports that President Buhari and the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Godwin Emefiele, have come under attack since the unveiling of the new naira notes on Wednesday, November 23, 2022.

Former senator of the 8th national assembly, Shehu Sani, was among those who criticized the N200, N500, and N1000 notes unveiled to Nigerians yesterday.

“If it’s Naira colour, the CBN should have just engaged Snapchat,” Sani tweeted earlier.

Reacting to the former lawmaker’s criticism via his verified Twitter page, Bashir said: “As a former ‘Dist. Senator, one may expect you to know that redesigning banknotes is not only about designing; it helps to achieve security improvement of the banknotes, mitigating counterfeiting and controlling currency in circulation, among others.

“Old and current $100 below,” he tweeted, sharing a copy of the old and new US dollar notes.

See the tweet below:

In a swift response to Ahmad’s post, Senator Shehu Sani tweeted: “My Brother Honorable Bashir, you should have helped our traditional tie and dye experts in kano get this colouring job.”

Naija News reports that the presidential aide’s post has generated a series of reactions on the microblogging platform.

See some of the reactions below:

Ubaco(1) @Jubex16 tweeted: “Kai Malam you be real mumu man oo, can’t u see huge difference apart from the colour.? please show us the difference in naira,I can categorically say naira is just the colour, stop fooling yourself thinking u’re fooling others.

“Don’t you like this new design I posted Don be a Ayo.

Sani Alkasim @SaniAlkasim3 – “The $ is redesigned while # is colour changed. See the differences. Upon that the dollar is rising daily while the naira is sinking day by day. The government suppose to use the fund and help boost the naira.

Toyin @toyinjaz – “Blindness is part of the afflictions worrying you people. Just a cursory glance and people with working eyes will see at least 4 differences. You didn’t do ‘Non-verbal reasoning’ in primary school?

CITIZEN of Heaven @bassi_okon – “Can’t you see the difference in the old and new dollar note or you just want to continue darkening your conscience? Your grandchildren will ask you questions o.

Ademola Odumesi @ade_odumesi – “Which security improvements? Common man!!! Even with the dollar notes comparison…You could see new distinctive features besides changes in the colour.

“Unlike the Naira, which doesn’t even seem to have any visible distinctive security or new features besides that coloration.

Kelv Nse @nsemboo – “Unlike the new 100-dollar note, I’m not sure the new naira notes have new security features. Seems they only changed the colours or something.

Peter Joel @real_petejoe – “As a Presidential Aid, Your eye should be able to see the different features of the Old & New $100 dollar bill. You could just state simple reasons that the Old Naira notes are multi-coloured as such expensive when minting & the new Naira Old is mono-coloured.

Emmysiasia @ECOnuoha – “Unless you have eye issues, this is clearly a redesign with the $100. I can spot loads and loads of differences. I will insult you by pointing them out.

“With our own “redesign”, nothing visible was introduced, except the Snapchat filter colour change.

Honyfactory @Honyfactory – “291 billion spent on this nonsense? This is pure corruption /looting …u see as soon as I heard that Buhari’s inlaw had been appointed to head the mint department I just knew a major heist is on the way..the speed a it was approved, printed & is very obvious”.

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