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Zahabi Says Pereira Could Have ‘Ended Adesanya’s Career’




Zahabi claims Pereira may have "put Adesanya's career to rest."

Canadian martial artist, Firas Zahabi, claims the Nigeria-New Zealander fighter, Isreal Adesanya, would have had his career ended if the referee had not intervened.

Longtime rivals Adesanya and Pereira squared off on Saturday in a fight for the UFC middleweight championship, with the latter winning through a dramatic TKO finish late in the contest.

Despite accusations that referee Marc Goddard called the bout off too soon, Zahabi, who has worked with some of the greatest names in sports, maintains that Adesanya should be happy for the outcome.

On his YouTube channel, Zahabi provided an analysis of the bout: “Pereira could have very possibly ended Adesanya’s career if the referee did not intervene.

“Guys, if the referee did not intervene, a scissor knee was coming. Guys, the greatest scissor knee I have seen in all of combat sports, ever, is Alex Pereira.

“It’s an incredible knee from a giant, who’s incredibly explosive. He throws it incredibly quick. I thought when Adesanya was dazed like that, the knee was coming.”

The fight was stopped in the fifth round when Pereira unleashed a barrage of hard blows without receiving a response from the champion-in-residence.

While speaking on this, Zahabi said, “If Marc Goddard did not step in, it could have been a serious concussion, broken jaw, broken orbital, or fractured skull even.

“It could have been something that ruined or ended Adesanya’s professional career. So I’m very grateful that Marc Goddard stopped it.” he added.

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