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Cossy Orjiakor Shares Encounter With Bisexual Nollywood Actor




Cossy Orjiakor Shares Encounter With Bisexual Nollywood Actor

Nigerian actress, Cossy Orjiakor, has taken to social media to share her encounter with a bisexual colleague in the Nollywood industry, Naija News reports.

Narrating her experience via Instagram, the 38-year-old busty actress warned her colleagues that some bisexuals used their words to kill fellow colleagues in the film industry.

According to her, they also mess with the relationship of anyone that gives in to their plight. Orjiakor unapologetically said that after snakes, Nollywood men should be feared.

“After snakes, beware of Nollywood men – the bisexual ones. They kill you with their words.. they mess with your income, and they mess with relationships you adore. I met one on set once, Dr Paul’s set, he called me a prostitute behind my back, though,” she said.

Narrating further her experience, she said: “He made another girl cry; he messed with my friend too. He is a loser, the second time I saw him at a party, I talked about my chieftaincy title, ‘Iyalode of Baruwa’, and he couldn’t imagine how I could get such a title. The hate is real, not from a girl but a man.”

“You know them by the way they talk, move and walk like women,” she added.

According to Orjiakor, the particular bisexual actor she met talks like a woman. “I met him on a set. He was very envious of men. It’s only a bisexual man that will be envious of a lady that came to act. He absolutely can’t play his role and that of a woman. Anyway, he is not the first person in Nollywood saying nasty things about me,” she said.

She alleged further that such kind of people are envious of the female gender because they want to be women but can’t be.

“They love and secretly wish they could flaunt the men they are but can’t because of their appearance. This particular guy is so lousy and always tries to bring people down with his talks – extremely disrespectful, especially to women,” Orjiakor told a blogger when asked to speak further on the claims.

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