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Church General Overseer Reveals Why He Is Celebrating Islam Prophet Muhammad’s Birth




Church General Overseer Reveals Why He Is Celebrating Islam Prophet Muhammad's Birth

A Kaduna State-based Christian cleric, Pastor Yohana Buru, has revealed why he is joining Muslims to celebrate the birth of the Prophet Muhammad every year.

Explaining his engagement with the opposite religion at Maulud trekking, organised by Kaduna-based Islamic Scholar, Sheikh Abdullahi Mai Barota, in the Tudun Wada community of the state earlier in commemoration of the Holy Prophet, the General Overseer of Christ Evangelical and Life Intervention Ministry said he also enjoyed the presence of Muslims at his Church during Christmas.

Buru said there are some Muslims who always join him at his church in December to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. According to the self-proclaimed pastor, he attends over 25 to 30 different Maulud celebrations across Nigeria and neighbouring African countries.

“We are Christians, and our Bible encourages us to be our brother’s keepers. I decided to join my Muslim brothers every year to celebrate the birth of the prophet of Islam, peace be upon him despite being a Christian because prophet Muhammad is most loved by Muslims worldwide,” Daily Trust quoted Buru.

“Another reason is that Muslims also join me every year to celebrate the birth of Christ on Christmas day in my church,” the cleric added.

Buru put it out that celebrating Maulud goes beyond Muslims alone simply because the Prophet is for everyone irrespective of tribe, religion, cultural and historical difference.

In his remark, the organiser of the Maulud trek, Sheikh Salihu Abdullahi Mai Barota, said Christians were invited to join them to promote peace and tolerance in the community.

He said the aim is to strengthen peaceful coexistence and religious tolerance among the adherents of the two religions.

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