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Terror Alert: Which Side Are You? – FG Replies US Government


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The federal government of Nigeria has submitted that it is on top of the security situation in the country, adding that every country in the world has one security challenge or the other.

The government also warned that it won’t be intimidated or stampeded by the recent travel advisories issued by the United States to its citizens.

This position was made known on Wednesday by the Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed while speaking to newsmen at the State House in Abuja.

He said rather than spread unverified reports, all hands must be on deck to support the government, military, and security forces in combating crime, urging that America and the people of Nigeria should be on the side of the government.

The Minister maintained that there is no cause for alarm or panic while assuring citizens and other residents of Nigeria of total safety.

Mohammed said this against the backdrop of the warning on Sunday from the American government on a possible terrorist attack in Abuja and another update on Tuesday warning against travelling to some specific states in the country.

However, the Information Minister called for calm, reiterating that the nation’s security forces are constantly reviewing strategies to contain and curb the activities of the terrorists.

He questioned if Nigerian citizens in the US also feel totally safe with the frequent cases of school shootings and other violent acts in America.

According to him, the USA should use the same energy its using to predict a possible terrorists attack in Nigeria to forecast and prevent the next school shooting or senseless killing on American soil.

“This so-called travel advisory, as far as we’re concerned as a government, we have, in the last few months, taken a firm handle of security,” Mohammed said.

He added that; “What I said is that clickbaiting, which is you find a story which is not verified and you immediately share it, always causes panic. But I want to reassure both citizens, non-Nigerians, Nigerians living in this country, that security agencies are on top of this matter.”

We Won’t Allow Terrorists To Embarrass Us

The Minister added that everything that needs to be done will be done to avert any form of attack by the terrorists. He cautioned the American government against attempting to cause panic in Nigeria.

He said; “Of course, the terrorists would not stop to try to embarrass or intimidate government but what I’m saying is that this country is safe. And there’s no cause for alarm. No cause to panic.

“Unfortunately, because of that travel advisory on Sunday, many schools were closed, shops were closed, travel plans were disrupted. We don’t need it. The security, our soldiers, our police are working round the clock to contain any terrorist attack. This is where we stand.

“I read it that those on non-emergency should leave Nigeria. You see, [it’s] just like if Nigeria mission in the US also sends a travel advisory and warning in Houston and says ‘look, don’t go; don’t take your children to school, because there could be mass shooting tomorrow’. I mean, it is within their rights to say that their people should go home if they want to.

“But we, as a country, have a responsibility to keep our country safe, and we’re not going to be, you know, stampeded at all by whatever any government decides to tell his people.

“The concrete step is that people should stop spreading unverified news. You see, look how many school shootings happen in the US? How many senseless killings happened in the US? So, have they been able to predict what’s going to happen next; which school is going to be a victim next? Do Nigerians in the US also feel safe?

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“I think you should stop demarketing your home country. Every country has its security challenges. We have ours and we are facing them. Which side are you? American side?”

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