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YPP Accuses PDP Of Bribing Its Members To Defect


The Akwa Ibom chapter of the Young Progressives Party (YPP) has accused the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) of bribing its members to defect.

The Akwa Ibom YPP alleged that PDP in the state was offering monetary incentives to its members to persuade them to defect to their party.

The YPP also alleged that the PDP was deliberately paying its members in order to deplete the party’s membership.

Naija News learnt that a report in The Nation newspaper revealed that the YPP House of Representatives candidate for Ikot Abasi federal constituency, Nsikan Udoh, made the allegations in Uyo.

He further alleged that members of his party were being bribed with N500,000 for them to defect to the PDP and that the strategy was to weaken the strength and popularity of the YPP ahead of next year’s elections.

Udoh alleged that the PDP had perfected plans to buy votes to secure the victory of its candidates in the 2023 general election by distributing money to people, just because they are scared to lose next year’s election.

However, the state PDP reacted simply by saying the allegations were falsified and that YPP was already suffering unpopularity and had no chance of victory at the polls.

The state Publicity Secretary of the PDP, Borono Bassey, described the allegation as “absolutely false and preposterous.”

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