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Tinubu: Dele Momodu Sparks Mixed Reaction As He Expresses Concern For Joke Silva, Olu Jacobs




Joke Silva and Dele Momodu

Veteran Nigerian journalist, Dele Momodu, has expressed concern for Nollywood actress Joke Silva and her husband Olu Jacobs.

Naija News reports that the two veteran stars have come under heavy criticism in the recent days, over Joke Silva’s support for the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate, Bola Tinubu.

Many Nigerians berated the actress for stopping her ailing husband from taking movie roles but sees nothing wrong with supporting Tinubu whose frail health has remained a topic of discussion online.

Amidst the criticisms, Dele Momodu took to his Instagram page to share photos of Joke Silva and her husband stating that they will always remain icons.

He further urged her that there is nothing to worry about the cyberbullying and backslashes they have received, for supporting the former Governor of Lagos State.

He captioned the post: “My dearest Sister @ajokesilva you will always remain our icon… Nothing to worry about”

Nigerians React

The post generated mixed reactions from netizens with many saying it is high time that people leave others with their choices instead of bullying them.

omobababk wrote: “She is and will always remain an Icon. Anyone that cannot deal with the beauty of choice which is guaranteed in Democracy should stop following her in peace. Enough of all the cyber bullying in the name of supporting a particular candidate. Use your PVC when the time comes and stop harassing people for not aligning with your choice.”

everestofficial1 wrote: “Can she allow her husband to contest for president? If no why is she supporting someone that’s on life support to rule 220 millions”

ifeanyi.emmanuelugwu wrote: “Oga you people should not make a case out it she has the right to support whoever she wants abeg una allow this woman rest everybody must not be in one party”

nnejichiboka wrote: “Enough of this animosity, yes Nigerians are frustrated with the state of things and it cuts deep into their marrows but we must not turn this to something uncultured, she has made her choice let us make ours and hope Nigeria becomes better for everyone. However, the issue is not about Peter obi,no one should tribalise this !!! The blame is solely on the two previous political parties who have squandered the resources of this nation in the past and one of them is still worsening the situation till date . A poor child you did not feed will one day hunt you for food”

barluchy wrote: “If you have a child or children who has been at home for the past 7months doing nothing, you will be angry with anyone that supports this administration and whoever that brought it, campaigned for administration that brought us to the mess we are in today. Supports whoever you wish to support but tell yourself the truth, leave sentiments and don’t bring tribalism into it, what has this govt done for us other than hardship”

simplelukman wrote: “The way these children insulted this women yesterday cos she choose who to support broke my heart…Why Insult a woman who has paid her dues rightly? So sad what politics has turned to”

peacebukola.ade wrote: “We should not Bully people to death for not supporting your candidate! If you are forcing and bullying you are doing the same thing like the leaders we have now. It’s an offense”

bama4052 wrote: “You have built a reputation for yourself but politics, stay away ma especially in Nigeria. It takes 1 seconds to forget everything you have achieved and then dragged in the mud”

Rachel Okporu is an entertainment and lifestyle journalist with years of experience in the industry. She is a graduate of Linguistics and Communication Studies. Likes surfing the Internet and making new friends.