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How Nigerians Are Building A Strong Community In Canada




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With over 250 ethnic groups, Nigeria is one of the most diverse countries in the world. In the country’s past, this variety has triggered a sense of divisiveness amongst its citizens, and despite its culturally rich nature, the country has, for long, been subjected to division along tribal lines.

However, with the coming of the internet, messages of unity have rented the air, and daily, more Nigerians are beginning to understand the power of unity which has culminated in inspiring patriotism amongst its citizen. Fortunately, this interesting positive growth is not limited to Nigerians within Nigeria alone.

Thousands of Nigerians in the diaspora are coming together to build a strong community where they can help each other grow. In countries like the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Canada, and so on. In this article, the focus will be on Canada – how Nigerians are building a strong community in Canada.

A community is a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common. All over the world, various communities exist with the purpose of protecting the interests of their members, and for Nigerians living in Canada, the case is no different. In the past five years, Nigerians have contributed significantly to Canada’s growth.


In the words of the Canadian High Commission to Nigeria, James Christoff, the Nigerian community in Canada is taking up its own place and really contributing in all aspects to the growth of Canada. These aspects range from politics and economy to culture. These significant contributions have made Nigerians in Canada unique in their own ways.

He also confirmed that there is an impressive growth rate amongst the Nigerian diaspora population in Canada. This continuous growth necessitated the creation of pro-Nigerian communities where opportunities can be shared, collective interests can be identified, and help can be rendered to fellow Nigerians in order to achieve growth.

The growth of Nigerian communities in Canada has been made easier with social media. With social media enthusiasts like Babatunde Omotoye, the conversations around growing more impactful communities started taking shape. In addition, valuable resources bordering on how to migrate and settle with stability are now dispensed free.


Prior to the growth of these communities, Nigerian migrants have been left in a pool of confusion as to how to navigate their new realities, but with these communities, clarity is better found.

To add, Nigerians now create groups on WhatsApp, Telegram and even Twitter Communities to help disseminate information among one another. If we are being honest, digitization has also helped in building communities among Nigerian immigrants in Canada.

Here are some ways migrants can tap into the powers of these communities to increase their understanding of the Canadian system:

  • Engage with the social media communities: Social media platforms present many opportunities for immigration newbies to connect with various people across the world

who are willing to help you get better information about your migration. Luckily, there are many communities online that can help. There are many communities on Twitter, and on Facebook. Newbies can share their areas of confusion, and get migrants in Canada to provide real-time answers.

  • Feel free to share your own knowledge: For those who are already in Canada, these communities avail them of the opportunities to share the knowledge and experience gained when applying for their own programs.

'Tunde Omotoye heads the travel desk at Naija News. He writes on Immigration, Studying Abroad & Tech Skills | He is a CICC Licensed Immigration Consultant.

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