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Peter Obi: Northern Cleric Tackles Mahdi Over Inciting Statement


The General Overseer of the Evangelical Outreach Ministries International, Prophet Isa El-Buba has slammed Shehu Mahdi, a Kaduna-based activist, regarding his inciting statement on Peter Obi, Labour Party (LP) presidential candidate and Christians from Northern Nigeria.

In a viral video which drew a barrage of reactions, Mahdi alleged that Northerners both Christians and Muslims are being discriminated upon in the South East, South West, and South-South, regardless their religion.

According to the Katsina-born activist in the video seen by this publication, a vote for Christian Southern candidate, particularly the LP candidate will amount to a vote for Biafra, and a secessionist.

Shehu further urged northern Christians not to vote for Peter Obi, accusing him of being a Biafran.

Speaking on the development on Thursday, Prophet El-buba, a northerner, debunked Madhi’s remarks about northern christians in the South, adding that he is currently ministering at a church program in the South.

El-buba further urged northern Christians and northern Muslims to prove “these wicked men and women that their time is up.”

He added that it was part of his calling not to limit himself to the pulpit when Nigerians are suffering, he vowed to declare what he described as the “counsel of God” from the pulpit and move to the street if need be.

“I want to make an address for one minute, there is one man called Mahdi Usman who spoke a few days ago and tried to speak lies against the Southern church and against the southerners.

“That we northerners that are Christians, we come to the south and we find it difficult to get a land to worship God.

“I want to say to you Mahdi Usman, you are a liar, that is not true, I am a northerner and I am preaching here in the south.

“And I want to say that it’s time up for the lies that some of you have been lying for 62 years, the end of your lies has come.

I want all of you to know that nothing can ever threaten my stand, I am not for you(Madhi), I am for God and for the Nigerian people.

“Muslims here in the south are having their mosques, nobody has stopped them, so don’t tell lies to the northerners,” El-buba said.