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Iphone 14 Pro: A Strange Problem Affects The Camera, Apple Announces A Fix




A bug affects the rear camera of the iPhone 14 Pro. Several users have reported a problem in using the camera on the device’s social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…). The image shakes and a clicking noise is heard. Apple will provide a fix.

A bug shortly after the release of the latest iPhones. In recent days, several users have reported a similar issue on the rear camera of the iPhone 14 Pro. The models have just been marketed a few days ago.

Image rattling and shaking

According to several testimonials posted on social media and a tech news website, users are facing shake issues when using the rear camera of the device. In some cases, a  rattling noise could be heard. Videos of the phenomenon have been published on social networks and testify to this mysterious bug.

The problem seems to appear more regularly when using social applications (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). Snapchat says it is in contact with Apple to try to resolve the issue.

A fix coming soon

According to information from Bloomberg, it is a malfunction of the optical image stabilization hardware that is the cause of the problem. The latter must, in normal times, stabilize the camera by compensating for the movements of the user and produce a sharp photograph or a stabilized video.

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According to the economic channel, Apple is currently working on an update to iOS, the smartphone operating system. The patch rollout is expected to arrive in the coming days and will affect the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max. This will be the second software fix since the release of the phone. A first update was launched on the day of the launch of the smartphones to correct a problem related to the activation of FaceTime