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Man Kills Friend Over New Car In Kogi


2 Suspected POS Robbers Burnt To Death In Lagos

The Kogi Police Command has linked two suspects behind the death of one man named Kehinde Ajayi who was murdered after he bought a car.

According to a statement by the command’s spokesperson SP William Ovye-Aya, on Wednesday, the police are looking for the suspects for their roles in aiding a friend in the killing of Ajayi on July 24.

Ovye said that the suspected ran away after learning that police were investigating the incident, vowing not, to rest until the suspects and all those connected to the murder of Ajayi were apprehended, tried and punished.

“We are strongly after them (accomplices) and we won’t rest until we catch up with them and bring them to face the wrath of the law along with the main suspected culprit, who is presently under our custody,” he said.

Ovye said Ajayi was reportedly lured and killed by his friend who became jealous of him when he bought a new car.

The killer was said to have tricked Ajayi to celebrate the new car in a location where he conspired with the suspected accomplices to kill him.

“They killed Ajayi that very day, July 24 and buried the body in the friend’s house in Felele quarters within Lokoja metropolis.

“But the bubble burst when the victim’s family reported his disappearance to us and we commenced investigations.

“The principal culprit, his very friend and mastermind, were arrested and they began to talk about who assisted him in carrying out the act,” the spokesperson told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).

Ovye-Aya said that investigations into the murder were ongoing to ensure justice to serve as a deterrent to others.