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An Easy Way To Sell Your Steam Gift Card To Naira 



The steam gift card is a digital asset created by steam, which serves the essence of providing its users the opportunity to conveniently purchase all digital products on the platform. Such as; videos and games. The Steam gift card has been in existence for years and there are various reasons which contribute to its continuity. Some of which include;

Benefits of The Steam Gift card 

The first and most important advantage of this digital asset is the convenience it brings when shopping on the platform. There are thousands of products to be purchased, more than you can enjoy. So having a personalised currency to get these items is unmatched. 

Asides from this, here are a couple more reasons why the Steam gift card is a great purchase. 

  1. Steam is an online platform: The process of purchasing and downloading games from the platform can be done online in a matter of minutes. Without having to move an inch, you can use your steam gift card to purchase as many games as you want. 
  2. Steam Gift Card Do Not Expire: Since There is no expiration date on this digital asset, you are free to take as much time as you need when it comes to redeeming steam gift cards on the platform. 
  3. They are great presents: It is almost impossible to not have At Least one sibling, friend or even colleague that enjoys playing games. Gifting them this digital asset would mean a lot to them. 
  4. Good Resale Value: This might be one of the most important reasons why many people in Nigeria particularly love the steam gift card. You can get a high cash back value for this digital asset if you choose to resell it on a good platform. 

The Best Platform To Resell Your iTunes Gift Card in Nigeria 

There are a few good gift card exchange platforms in the country. However, if you are looking for the best, your only option is Cardtonic.  This is a modern-day gift card exchange platform that gives individuals the ability to receive high monetary value for their gift cards in a matter of minutes. It is undoubtedly the best site to sell gift cards in Nigeria 


How Can I Sell My Steam Gift Card on Cardtonic? 

It is not hard to sell your Steam gift card on Cardtonic. After downloading and registering on the Application, select “Google play gift card” under the category. For subcategory, ensure you put in the exact type of Google play gift card you have. For example, “UK Google Play gift card”. Select the amount of your card, upload the image/s and start trading. After your trade is completed, you would see the amount automatically reflected in your Wallet, and then you can immediately request for withdrawal. 

Although the process is pretty straightforward if you have any issues. Either during the registration or trading process, there is a 24/7 customer support team ready to guide you at any step of the way. All that is left now, is for you to see for yourself.

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