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Dele Momodu Under ‘Attack’ Over Comment On 2023 Elections


Dele Momodu Under 'Attack' Over Comment On 2023 Elections

Nigerians have dragged former presidential aspirant, Dele Momodu over his comment on the 2023 general elections.

Naija News reports that Momodu had in a tweet via his verified Twitter page on Sunday said the world is watching and learning a new political strategy from Nigeria.

In a subliminal message, the publisher of Ovation Magazine said the new political strategy is how to win elections via social media abuses.

He wrote: “The world is watching and learning a new political strategy from a Democratic Nigeria: HOW TO WIN ELECTIONS VIA SOCIAL MEDIA ABUSES…

However, Nigerians have taken to Twitter to berate the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) chieftain over his comment.

See some of the reactions.

@DavidHundeyin wrote: “The word you’re looking for is “insults” not “abuses”, which in this context means something else altogether.

“If the world is watching, you should be embarrassed to be a journalist of some description who struggles with basic English vocabulary.

@Vortex_Daniels wrote: “You called fellow Nigerians outside your political camp, certified Dogs during 2015 election, what moral rectitude do you have to condemn insults? Besides, I have not seen any Obidient calling someone a Dog.”

@Uzuakoliii wrote: “Peter Obi / Datti Ahmed government is not coming to stop you from hobnobbing with politicians for your palms to be greased but to make you efficiently useful to your craft as a “supposed” journalist and stop depending on political patronage.

@jeomaltd wrote: “For ppl that didn’t know Dele Momodu’s Political history, he once contested 4 Presidency n got 1 Vote. His family didn’t vote for him. In 2015 he campaigned for Buhari, expecting a position but got nothing, He cried n sent an open letter to Buhari he was ignored. Since then he has been zuzu.

@opebanwo wrote: “On this one, I disagree with you my Egbon @DeleMomodu @PeterObi supporters did NOT introduce social media abuses though they will return abuse back to the sender in excess, according to the law of the seed. Buhari’s Sai Baba movement was WORSE. I know because I was there. So stop it, sir.”

@FS_Yusuf_ wrote: “Dele Momodu wey dey dance Agolo for the market because Maryam Abacha send am errand make he go find a small paper and biro take write phone number, nai dey follow chuck goro teeth for Peter Obi matter.”

@firstladyship wrote: “Dele Momodu is another Fake Activist. Give no deceitful elder any respect. Those men destroyed Nigeria, & left a skeleton for us. WE ARE THE LEADERS OF TODAY, NOT TOMORROW! Days of using their eldership & cultural mask to deceive us, is over. Elders must not tell lies.

@Chude__ wrote: “To understand people like @DeleMomodu, he speaks from a place of frustration and Envy. He never believed Peter Obi will gather this kind of momentum or that Nigerians can donate to a political campaign

“He lost 10M naira while in LP and the thing been Dey pain am.

@King_Edrah wrote: “Dele Momodu has only succeeded in Media and Journalism but failed woefully in politics people like that shouldn’t tell you what to do when it has to do with politics and choosing or electing the right leaders.”