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Anambra: I Didn’t Kill More Than Two Police Officers – Gunman Confesses


I Didn't Kill More Than Two Police Officers - Gunman Confesses In Anambra
File Photo: Police Officers Arresting Suspect

A gunman in Anambra State has confessed to killing officers of the Nigeria Police Force, Naija News reports.

The suspect popularly known in the Nnewi South local government area of the state as ’50’ identified himself as one of the ‘unknown gunmen’ terrorizing the region, noting that he had only killed two police personnel since he joined the gang.

The criminal whose real name is yet to be made public said he has so far killed four persons, including two police officers and two civilians since he joined the gang.

Naija News understands that 50  was nabbed inside a forest at Ukpor in Nnewi South LGA along with other members of his gang by security operatives.

The security operatives had on Friday carried out a raid on the camp and arrested some of the criminals destroying their camp.

Items recovered during the raid according to reports include arms and ammunition, police and military uniforms, a coffin containing charms and various kinds of drugs.

50 explained further that although many people had been killed inside the camp, including those whose relations already paid a ransom, he had not killed more than four people.

He stressed that the last person he killed before their camp was destroyed was at the instance of their leader who ordered him to kill the man because he was a saboteur.

According to him, their leader, Ezemuo, now at large, was doing most of the killings, along with the late Double Lion who was recently killed at Ihiala.

He said: “Some of the people we killed were because they were accused of monitoring us and acting as informants. The two policemen I killed were at Ozubulu.

“Our commander, Ezemuo, is from Imo State and has run away, while Virus who is the second in command has escaped to Lagos and his house at Ozubulu burnt down”.