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Controversy Around Sex Before Marriage, Religious Perspective, Punishment


The issue of s3x before marriage has been a significant point of discussion over the years among youths and the elderly.

Despite several takes on the importance of context, people have decided to go with whatever suits them.

S3x before marriage became a point of discussion on social media a few days after Nollywood actress and evangelist Eucharia Anunobi condemned people who preach against s3x before wedding.

Anunobi, in a post on her Instagram account, wondered how she would know if the person she is engaged to is ‘good on the bed’ if she does not make love with such a person before marriage.

Her take on the dicey topic pushed Naija News correspondent to reach out to religious leaders to get Biblical and Islamic perceptions of sex before marriage.

Naija News spoke with the Principal of Mah’d-l-manaar Arabic and Islamic studies, Al-imam Solih Yahya Al-haqeeqy, who stated that Islam is against sex before marriage.

Speaking in Yoruba language, Al-Haqeeqy described such an act as ‘Haramu,’ which translates as forbidden.

The cleric noted that God had directed Muslims who are yet to marry to stay away from sexual acts until they are legally married, adding that making love while they are yet to marry is a dirty act.

He pointed to the possibility of a man sleeping with a lady and not eventually tying the knot with such a lady. He added that the lady’s destiny might be affected, which won’t be pleasing to whoever marries her at the end of the day.

Al-Haqeeqy said whatever Islam and God describe as forbidden and one engages in it, there would be punishment.

According to the cleric, if such persons are caught, they are entitled to hundred strokes of cain as directed by God, and it must be in public.

Naija News correspondent also asked what would be done in a case where such activity leads to pregnancy.

Al-Haqeeqy added that Islam is against pregnancy before marriage, but if they eventually get married, there has to be cleansing for their act.

On his part, the Secretary of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) in Kwara State, Rev Dr. Idowu Ibitoye, while speaking in the same context, said the bed is expected to be undefiled before marriage.

He further stated that when certain persons are found guilty of such cases, they are expected to be disciplined before they are restored fully into service.

In the case of Baptist Churches, such people are disciplined by the church leadership, while they are not allowed to serve for a time in the church.

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Some individuals believe they have to test their partner on the bed before they decide to tie the knot, while others think once you make out, it would become a consistent action that might not be controlled.

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