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How To Make Right Predictions – iLOT Bet



Over the years, one of the interesting aspects of sports is supporting a team and predicting their outcomes. Phrases like “my boys are playing”, “we will beat you 2-1 today” and many more are never far from the anxious fans. Supporting a team and betting on that team is not exactly the same thing. As a newbie or regular viewer, how can you predict a match?

First, it is important to note that it is a game and nothing is constant. Have the mindset that your team is the greatest and is capable of winning but, that does not mean you should underestimate an opponent? Games are usually predicted based on past experiences and integrity. There have only been a few instances in football history when teams produced surprising results seemingly out of nowhere.

Another virtue you might want to consider is patience. The accurate predictions are the ones made in patience. Exercising patience involves making thorough research and bookmarking. Always ask these questions:

What league are they in? Who are the players? Who is the coach? What is their history in football?

Answering these basic questions can help you predict the best possible outcomes.

The next thing you may want to consider is the match statistics. Beyond the wins and losses, always find out about the match tactics. Every sports club: football club, basketball club, volleyball etc. have their unique tactics and formation. Find out how they select players and substitute them, what is their average possession in a game? Do they break rules? Who is playing? And most importantly, where are they playing? Findings have revealed that matches that play at home can get a +0.30 to over +0.74 goal advantage. This is called Home ground advantages.

ILOT BET gives various metrics for the over/under probability goals before a game and these are the BEST ODDS you will find on the Nigerian market.

Another way of having near-accurate predictions is by using a good prediction app. Bookmakers can help you predict games. However, when it is two strong teams, it is better to use a reliable betting site such as ILOT BET to help you analyze odds and ensure prediction is more accurate and betting is safer.

In conclusion, always remember that it is about enjoying the game. Prediction is not always constant but when there is thorough research, you can be more confident. Also, remember to place bets using reliable betting platforms such as ILOT BET to help you stay smiling and winning big.


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