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We Will Buy Guns For Our People – Akeredolu Blows Hot As He Opens Up On Plan To Take Up Arms




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The governor of Ondo State, Rotimi Akeredolu has opened up on how he plans to keep his state safe from terrorist attack.

The governor promised to buy guns for residents of the state to defend themselves If the gunmen strike again.

Akeredolu disclosed his plans on Friday during a presentation of 50 security-fitted vehicles to all security agencies in the state, including the South-West Security Network codenamed Amotekun Corps.

He said: “Protecting the life and property of our people is our priority here. Our interest lies here.

“Any other incident here, we will ask our people to get guns to protect themselves. We will even get guns for our people to protect themselves. So, you want me to stay inside my house and someone will come and kill me there.

“If we are pushed to the wall, we will also encourage our people to get guns. We are talking to our traditional rulers to get us the traditional powers. I am begging you, nobody, state, the country can continue to witness this kind of insecurity.

“People will be on motorbikes and attempt to attack planes at Airport. How did they come in? Are there no people manning the place? What a country where you can’t get a plane, or train to travel and you dare not travel by road.

“Bandits save their people from the government and the government can’t save its people from bandits.

“Up till today, not all Chibok girls, now women, have come back. So, what are we doing as a nation? I am worried about security issues in the country, let’s discuss them. Is there no government that they have this leeway to operate just like that?

“We will smoke criminals out of their hidings. Where we arrest them, we will bring them to justice and where they resist arrest, we will send them to where they will get justice.

“Whether they like it or not, we will get State Police, it’s just a matter of time.

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“Governor Matawalle was pushed to the wall before he asked his people to arm themselves to protect themselves.

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