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VIDEO: See How Congregants Reacted After Pastor Adefarasin Mentions Labour Party


The congregants of House on the Rock, Lagos, went wild with cheers after the senior Pastor, Paul Adefarasin mentioned Peter Obi’s Labour party before delivering his sermon on Sunday.

The cleric in the video that surfaced on social media was captured speaking about the forthcoming 2023 general elections, when the congregation exploded with cheers after he mentioned Labour party.

He said: “We have already given a profile of what the next president of Nigeria should like; there are PDP persons in the church, some of my associates support the PDP, there are also persons from the APC in the church.”

Immediately he mentioned that “There are persons from the Labour Party in the church” the quiet 10,000-seater auditorium turned into a loud session and the worshippers waved their hands.

Pastor Adefarasin smiled and waited for calm to return to the auditorium before adding, “that’s very interesting, I wasn’t quite expecting that, that’s very serious, point noted; I am for Nigeria.”

Watch video below;

Adefarasin also lamented that the country was drifting into a failed state under the current administration of President Muhammadu Buhari.

States, like I have said before, do not fail all at once, they fail structure by structure, community by community, society by society, ultimately if we are unable to navigate the u-turn speedily, this state may fail through a range of different challenges including an uncivil or a civil war and we are already at war.”

“And obviously there is an agenda and the federal government seems impotent to the task of policing and ensuring security of lives, properties, farms and industry.

“And it’s very trying and testing for Nigerians and predictably, unless something significant happens, the country will not be the same as we know it today in two years.

“And so, NIGERIA needs a rescue mission and it’s eight months to the elections, that’s a long time and many things can happen in a day; a day is a long time in Nigerian politics.”

Chukwuani Victoria is an entertainment and lifestyle journalist who's passionate about storytelling. She holds a BSC in Biology and is also a certified Radio presenter with BRMC. She likes to read, research, hang out with her friends and play scrabbles.