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Insecurity: Pastor Ibiyeomie Sends Sensitive Message To Christians In The North




Insecurity: Pastor Ibiyeomie Sends Sensitive Message To Christians In The North
Pastor David Ibiyeomi

The general over of Salvation Ministries, Pastor David Ibiyeomie has advised all Christians in the Northern part of Nigeria to get trained in self-defence against criminal elements terrorising their communities.

The renowned cleric who berated the spate of insecurity in the region told believers to defend themselves against intruders that come to burn their churches and kill them.

Using Israel where the citizens are mandated to take a year of military training, Pastor Ibiyeomi urged the Northerners to also take one-year training to be able to defend themselves against terrorists.

The cleric said Northern Christians should not just fold their arms and allow the Islamic terrorists to burn their churches and kill their people, but that they should defend themselves.

He said: “If they burn you burn, they shoot you shoot, they fire you fire. Then there will be peace. Defend yourself.”

Ibiyeomie said God is angry when somebody shed innocent blood because that is the only creature in His image.

He added: “All of you in the North hear me: don’t do that Christianity; you too carry your walking stick. Buy walking stick and be walking with a walking stick. All of you in the North, brothers and sisters, get a good walking stick so that when you walk, the walking stick can support you.

“All of you in Kaduna hear me: get a good walking stick so that it can support you when you are moving. They are not the only ones who know where to buy a walking stick.

“Open your eyes! By the time you will give them back they will say don’t go. These people, their pattern has changed. Have you seen anybody attack Israel anyhow? Israel is less than 10 million, with hundreds of millions of enemies.

“Once you are born in Israel like the way we have Youth service in Nigeria one year, you must take one year to learn military training male or female. This is because they know that they have enemies. So all the Northern people, one year training,” Ibiyeomie said while addressing his congregants during a service.

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