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We Escaped Owo Prison Through Toilet – Criminal Narrates Escape Plan


Suspect, Oluwatosin Ikuhemeyin

A middle-aged young man whose name has been on the wanted list of the Ondo State Police Command has been apprehended.

The criminal, Oluwatosin Ikuhemeyin was said to have fallen into the police net months ago and was thereafter jailed.

However, the young man who was said to be a hardened cultist alongside six other inmates reportedly escaped from the prison facility in Owo in March 2022.

Ikuhemeyin, according to the police report, had engaged in several criminal activities that led to the killing of many youths who are said to also be members of another cult group in the state.

The criminal and his gang members reportedly terrorized the Igbokoda community before he was arrested and sentenced to prison.

Narrating his lifestyle and how he and others escaped the Owo prison, Ikuhemeyin who goes by the street name 4G told Vanguard that “I was a member of a cult group called Aye and I am the leader, number one, in Igbokoda before I was arrested and sentenced to a correctional centre in Owo.

“I was arrested this morning in Igbokoda. But I escaped from Owo Prison in a jailbreak with six other people after spending two weeks in the prison.

“I met some people in the prison, led by one Dada, who were planning on how to escape before I got there. So they co-opted me into the plans and it was successful.

“We escaped through the toilet and it took us some days, as we always filled the toilet with water to weaken the place. There was an Hausa guy, who understands the technique, and eventually, we succeeded in escaping from the prison.”

He explained further that he headed straight to his house in Akure to change his clothes and left the town for Ogun State after escaping the prison.

He said he was able to work with some people in Ogun State before returning to Igbokoda to work with the fishermen.

“I only came to Igbokoda to relax when the policemen spotted me and arrested me,” Ikuhemeyin said.

He confirmed that he is a shooter, but had only killed “three people and not several as claimed by the police.

“It’s been a long time since I got involved in the killing. I have changed and I only killed three people during a reprisal attack with a rival cult group.

“I have handed all my guns to one Golu, who took over from me after I handed over the throne and they have all deserted me as they no longer trust me because I was arrested and escaped from prison.”

Naija News understands that the criminal was paraded at the state police headquarters in Akure on Monday by the spokesman for the state police command, Funmi Odunlami.

“He was a leader of Aye cult group and was arrested in a soakaway at Igbokoda area of the state,” Odunlami said, stressing that the criminal will be arraigned in court soon.