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Kannywood Director, Nura Mustapha Is Dead – Actor Ali Nuhu, Others Mourn




Kannywood Director, Nura Mustapha Is Dead - Actor Ali Nuhu, Others Mourn
Nura Mustapha [Deceased - Left] and Actor, Ali Nuhu

The Hausa film industry popularly known as Kannywood has lost one of its directors, Nura Mustapha.

The entertainer was confirmed dead by his colleagues on Sunday, July 3, Naija News understands.

Veteran actor, Ali Nuhu and other top actors and supporters of the deceased have since registered their emotions with condolence messages to the families of the late director and the industry at large.

Mustapha’s demise was said to have come as a surprise to many as the film director reportedly rested in his bed a night earlier looking hale and hearty.

Mustapha, according to reports, has since been buried in accordance with Islamic rites. Naija News understands that the deceased is survived by a wife and children.

Mourning the deceased, a friend, Baba Sheik took to social media to say: “Nura Mustapha waye was very healthy yesterday and today until his death hours ago. Innalillahi wa inna’ilaihi Raju’un

“Mustapha was the Director of the most educational series and hausa movie, Izzar So.

“Indeed, fans, Kannywood and the entire Nigerian film production mourn your death. We pray for your gentle soul to rest in peace.”

Also mourning the deceased, Ali Nuhu in a post on his Facebook page said, “May Allah have mercy on Nura Mustapha.”

Another actor, Lawan Ahmed said, “Innalillahi wainnailaihirrajiun May Allah accept the life of Nura Mustapha who is Director Izzar. May Allah forgive his shortcomings amen, may Allah make us die with faith when our time comes amen.”

Zarah Abdullahi said, “Innalillahi wa’inna ilaihirraji’un Allah has given the director of the film Izzar so Director Nura Mustapha who is dead may Allah have mercy on you and forgive you.”

A journalist and supposed friend of the Kannywood industry, Muhsin Ibrahim, also joined in the mourning, lamenting that no documentary of the deceased could be made before his sudden departure from mother earth.

Ibrahim in a post on his Facebook page said: “Nura Mustapha Waye, who suddenly died today, was the director of ‘Izzar So’.

“I wrote about the popular YouTube series in its early months in November 2020. While, of course, the drama has lost its direction today, one thing is still manifest in it: its attempt to proselytise Islam. Whether or not you agree with or accept Waye and Lawal Ahmad’s handling of this monumental effort, the duo deserves some credit.

“Waye’s death is a significant loss to Kannywood, for he’s, I believe, the most prolific director today. May Allah forgive his shortcomings and ours, main.”

In another post, Ibrahim said: “Habibu Maaruf Abdu was concerned that he couldn’t find any info about the deceased “Izzar So” director, Nura Mustapha Waye.

“Unfortunately, not only its personnel, the whole Kannywood film industry is, in general, significantly undocumented. Before and beside BBC Hausa’s “Daga Bakin Mai Ita”, there’s virtually nowhere else to get to know those actors and crew, new and old.

“I didn’t want to say this, but I once tried to pitch the concept of “Daga Bakin Mai Ita” to a journalist friend working for another international media company. Unfortunately, he didn’t buy the idea only for BBC Hausa to develop the same programme I proposed. It’s now, to me and many others following them, one of their best.

“Before the above incident, I spoke about a lack of a documentary on Kannywood. However, Nollywood has several, including “Welcome to Nollywood”, done in 2007, that my students and I watch often. It’s 2022! Someone should grab this golden opportunity. With Netflix Naija, one can make good money if one does an excellent job.

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“We really need to document our history. For example, ace actors like Rabilu Musa, alias Ibro, (d. 2014) deserve books, chapters, and articles about them. The living ones deserve more, including a documentary. I am willing to help with anything possible. May God forgive us and our dead, main.”

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