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Lady Who Faked Her Kidnap On Twitter Makes U-Turn




A Twitter user identified as Ameerah Sufyan, with the username @Ameerah_sufyan, who raised an alarm on the microblogging platform some couple of weeks ago about the kidnap of herself and sixteen others by unknown gunmen has apologized, saying it was false alarm.

Recall, Ameerah in a post on Tuesday afternoon disclosed that gunmen dressed in Police uniforms picked her and some others, including three pregnant women and two children from their houses in Abuja.

She stated that they didn’t see her phone which enabled her to be able to send out the message seeking intervention and rescue from their abductors.

Please whoever has my WhatsApp number, I sent a broadcast message of my location. We were abducted at gunpoint by [people] with police uniforms and a van from our houses from different parts of Abuja. We’re 17 including 3 pregnant women and two little kids. They didn’t see my phone,’ she wrote.

She gave updates about their abductors, saying they are four Yoruba men and two Fulani men.

“They’re 4 yoruba and two fulani men They divided us up an hour ago we’re 7 here.The other vehicle they said they will reach illorin and ours will reach ibadan or ikeja as they said.”

However, days after the incident, Ameerah via her Twitter handle on Monday refuted the reports, apologizing to the general public for raising such an alarm.

She added that nothing like such happened as it was just her negative thinking.

“Good day all, I would like to formally apologize to the general public, to the whole police department and my friends and family for misleading them with the below tweet, nothing of such happened and it was all just my delusions and negative thinking, I would also like to thank

“I intentionally took myself out of our house, went to these locations, entered bushes and dehydrated and starved myself for four days just like that, there was no kidnapping, nothing at all, I truly apologize and please pray for me”

She also pleaded with the public to pray for her while thanking the IG for helping her.

“Like to thank the IG and the CP babaji Sunday for helping me through this may God reward them abundantly.”