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United States Reveals What Nigeria Must Do To Address Its Security Challenges




Victoria Nuland, the US Secretary of State for Political Affairs, has revealed how Nigeria can address its security issues.

Nuland who is visiting the country for two days insisted that Nigeria has to approach its security issues holistically.

She condemned the terrorist operation plaguing the country, describing it as an evil thing.

But what we are trying to do now, what Nigeria is trying to do, is really integrate the air and ground approach to security …I think Nigeria with our support needs to address this in a holistic way.”

She explained that dealing with the security issues does not involve rooting out terrorists alone but also provide sustainable police and community security as well as better services and governance, else, “those guys are just going to be back.”

We also need a regional approach to this problem because these terrorists are running across borders, we all need to work together,” she added.

Commenting on the leadership Nigeria provides at the regional level (ECOWAS), she said Nigeria plays a huge role not only in its own security but also in the security of the region through ECOWAS.

The way Nigeria goes, is the way the continent goes. So if Nigeria can become increasingly stable and secure, empowering its population, diversifying the economy and empowering the next generation, it will be a powerful engine not only for Nigeria but for the African continent and the democratic world.”