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Reactions As Nigerian Doctor Replaces Consultation Fee With PVC In Hospital [Video]



Nigerian doctor

A Nigerian doctor has drawn reactions online after replacing consultation fees with the Permanent Voters Card (PVC) in his hospital.

For some weeks now, there has been sensitization on the need for Nigerians to get their PVCs ahead of the 2023 election.

In the viral video, the doctor also encouraged the patients to get their PVCs.

According to the doctor, anyone with PVC does not need to pay a consultation fee in the hospital and those who had paid will get a refund if they have PVC.

This generated reactions from some Nigerians as they applauded the doctor.

dammypraise_ph wrote: “Nice one… we must change this country”

flawedbutchosen_ wrote: “This suffer really touch us” 

bint_fe2ga wrote: “We are ready…. Way to go Doctor, thanks for this, Nigeria must change hand”

lumiwizzo wrote: “2023 is all we have left we either choose to save Nigeria or watch her sink”

tobilobaamusa5 wrote: The awareness is getting higher

iamnigelisrael wrote: “We’re gradually educating the south the need not to allow the destiny of the country in the hands of lesser brains”

okoli.phill wrote: “This is very commendable”

bfresh_zone wrote: “This is a welcome idea”