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2023: Lalong Speaks On Being Selected As Tinubu’s Running Mate



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The Governor of Plateau State, Simon Lalong has spoken about being the running mate of the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Bola Tinubu in 2023.

The Chairman of the Northern Governors’ Forum during an interview with Trust TV said that he believes in the politics of inclusion.

Lalong while speaking on emerging as the Vice Presidential candidate of the ruling party said he is not aspiring to be the running mate of Tinubu because of religion.

He said, “I am not aspiring to be vice president because of my faith; I am aspiring because I am qualified.”

The APC Governor while speaking on the step northern governors played in reducing tension before the party’s presidential election, Lalong said, “When we picked them (five presidential aspirants), we didn’t talk about religion but then in politics, there is always a tradition.

“When people believe in that kind of tradition, the moment you deny them that tradition, it means that you are already excluding them from politics.”

Lalong who revealed how he managed politics of inclusion in his state said, “I realised that some of the crises that were happening in Plateau were because of exclusion. People believed that they were excluded.

“In politics, you talk about the majority having their way while the minority should be allowed to have a say. Once you have that, you have complete peace in your place.

“We are talking about a peaceful federation. Already we are in crisis. Managing the crisis is not only winning the election but also how to govern the country.

“When you start thinking about that, you must look at every interest and give them that sense of belonging.”

The Plateau State Governor who spoke on the step Northern Governors has taken to pick a running mate said the president has not given them the mandate to select the running mate.

He further stated, “I am sitting down like any other person and hoping because this is politics. I have heard my name here and there and other names.

“The flag bearer is at the discretion of choosing and I am sure he is going to do that in conjunction with Mr President. Though we expect that there will be cooperation in selecting a running mate, Mr President has not directed us to look for a running mate.”