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Ameerah Raises Alarm On Twitter Over Kidnap Of 17 Persons In Abuja By Gunmen In Police Uniform




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A Twitter user identified as Ameerah Sufyan with the username, @Ameerah_sufyan has raised an alarm on Twitter about the kidnap of herself and sixteen others by unknown gunmen.

According to her in a post on Tuesday afternoon, the gunmen dressed in Police uniforms picked her and some others including three pregnant women and two children from their houses in Abuja.

She stated that they didn’t see her phone which enabled her to be able to send out the message seeking intervention and rescue from their abductors.

“Please whoever has my WhatsApp number, I sent a broadcast message of my location. We were abducted at gunpoint by [people] with police uniforms and a van from our houses from different parts of Abuja. We’re 17 including 3 pregnant women and two little kids. They didn’t see my phone,’ she wrote.

Shortly after, she released another tweet giving updates about their abductors, saying they are four Yoruba men and two Fulani men.

She wrote: “They’re 4 Yoruba and two Fulani men They divided us up an hour ago we’re 7 here
The other vehicle they said they will reach Ilorin and ours will reach Ibadan or Ikeja as they said.

The last tweet had a time stamp of 3.36 pm on Tuesday.

The only official communication from the Police on the matter so far is from the FCT police command which assured that an investigation had begun into the incident.

“Our message might just be reaching the social media space but If a thousand action has been taken on locating her, our last comment on her post would probably be the 999th.

“While physical action has since been deployed, this is just to assure everyone that we are on it,” it said.

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The FCT Police Command gave another update about two hours after the first one which reads: “We appreciate hundreds of well meaning Nigerians furnishings us with useful information on our TL and DM . We want to assure you once again that we are on it.”