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‘The Igbos Are Doing Business With Tinubu, They Don’t Hate Him’- Actor Ugezu Reveals


Tinubu and Ugezu

Veteran Nollywood actor Ugezu has rubbished claims that the Igbos hate the National Leader of the All Progressive Congress Party and Presidential aspirant Asiwaju Bola Tinubu.

In a post shared on Instagram, Ugezu said the argument that Igbos hate Tinubu, manufactured by some enemies to score cheap points is increasingly gathering momentum.

The actor opined that the Igbos cannot hate Tinubu when they are doing business with him and liars should play their politics without badmouthing the Igbos.

Ugezu added that it’s election season and people should promote their candidates without creating tension and rancor.


He wrote: “Increasingly, this argument manufactured by the enemies of the Igbos to score cheap point is gathering momentum. That the Igbos hate Tinubu. This a coordinated lie. The Igbos cannot be said to hate Tinubu when the same Igbos are doing business with Tinubu”

“Liars should play their politics and take the Igbos off their mouth. Ask them to name one Igbo man who hates Tinubu and they cannot. Politics is dirty. It got to Nigeria and became dirties. It is election season, promote your candidate without creating tension and rancor”