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Why I Kept My Marriage To Taaooma A Secret – Abdulazeez



Nigerian video director, cinematographer and actor, Abdulazeez Greene, popularly known as Abula, has opened up about his marriage with a popular content creator, Taaooma.

Abdulazeez last year January in a very-key ceremony tied the knot with Maryam Apaokagi without the knowledge of their fans.

Fans of the skit maker and the cinematographer got to know about their marriage when Abdulazeez and his wife celebrated their first wedding anniversary.

Abdulazeez in a recent interview with The Cable disclosed that it was their decision not to announce their wedding.

The cinematographer said, “We’re married, we got married on January 23, 2021. I don’t know if I should call it low-key or not…but I know that we are married. There’s nothing low-key about it. Sometimes, the things that keep you out should be kept coded.”

He further stated that though he has a good relationship with vixens, there is a limit to the kind of relationship they can have.

Abdulazeez while speaking on how he handles female admirers said, “As for the vixens and models, they know me, they know how strict I’m when it comes to working. I’m a friend to all of them but there’s a limit to the kind of friendship we keep.”