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Reactions As Viral Video Shows Native Doctor Preparing Charm For Pastor



A video of a native doctor spotted in a viral video said to be preparing a charm for a Pastor has caused a stir on social media.

In the viral video, the native doctor was filmed preparing the charm for a church in Umunna, Orlu, Imo state on 27th of an undisclosed month.

The native doctor who spoke in Igbo language can be heard praying that the Pastor’s church attracts crowds from all parts of the state and that miracles that will keep people talking will continue happening.

He also prayed that everyone who comes to the church will be blessed and also bring others to the church.

The video has sparked reactions on social media with netizens condemning the pastor for going the extra mile to pull crowds to the church.

Watch video and reactions below;

Omo nawa o…
Reason why I try to avoid the statement “God of this church or God of the pastor “ cause na only the pastor know the God behind his church o.

As long as I know the God I’m going to worship I just say my prayer directly to Baba Jesus.
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chiflowzgadgets wrote; ‘This is the sad reality of the country we live in now.’

chidoxflash wrote; ‘Is not new naw! See 78% of our pastors in Nigeria & most African countries got into church business like this. That is why most of their activities are pure ANTI – CHRIst’

anthony.anekwe wrote; ‘But he did not say a bad prayer na!!!!’

queenchidiebere2802 wrote; ‘If only he seek God for all he said here.🤦‍♀️ pure intentions with bad approach.’

iam_amyzon wrote; ”Then who are they deceiving? They’ll advice you not to go to native doctor and still use their powers to heal”

jisolabrandboss wrote; ‘This is embarrassing’