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Justin Dean’s Alleged Brazilian Mistress Speaks On Cheating With Him (Video)



The alleged Brazilian mistress to the ex-husband of Nigerian dancer, Korra Obidi, Justin Dean has taken to social media to speak on the allegation levelled against her.

There had been back and forth allegations since Dean decided to call it a quit with his wife after welcoming another daughter with the dancer.

Korra in a live video on Facebook had accused her ex-husband of having an affair with the 18-year-old Brazilian.

The dancer who admitted to cheating on Dean while she was in Nigeria and her husband was outside the country, added that Justin also had an affair Brazilian despite swearing on his daughters’ lives that he has never cheated.

Korra claimed that Dean’s mistress had reached out to her and sent videos and pictures of their relationship.

The Nigerian dancer during the live video further stated that she would upload the video and pictures of the affair to her viewers at the end of the live video.

The alleged Brazilian mistress, however, in a video noted that she and Dean are just friends and never in a relationship at any time.

Watch the video below: