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‘Call Out With Your Full Chest’ – Actress Omoni Oboli Receives Knocks Over Subtle Shade At Actor



Omoni Oboli

Nollywood actress and producer Omoni Oboli got more than she bargained for after a subtle shade at her colleague supposedly on a movie set together.

Omoni Oboli is one of the few Nollywood stars who prefer to stay on their lane to avoid social media drama and call out.

However, some netizens were left surprised by Omoni Oboli’s shade at an unknown actor earlier this morning.

In the post shared on her Instagram story, Omoni Oboli issued a stern warning to the actor stating she is not a fan.

According to the mother of three boys, she’s a colleague to the actor, a producer, and a director and the person should behave properly.

She wrote: “Dear actor, I’m not your fan! I’m your colleague! I’m your producer/director. Behave”.

The post earned her criticism as netizens urged Omoni Oboli to publicly call out the actor instead of going through corners.

ayo.j.cross wrote: “Call them out with your full chest”

nma_ifeadigo wrote: “I think a new actor told her I am your big fan so correction is needed if you want to be big in the industry”

l.tobiloba wrote: “That’s a stern warning, I wonder who she’s referring to. Actor, behave ooooo”.

ama.kwena wrote: “If you can’t call the person by name, then stop disturbing us”

Omoni Oboli