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‘She’s Overstepping’ Mercy Aigbe ‘Attacked’ As She Dares Senior Wife, Funsho Adeoti



Mercy Aigbe and Funsho Adeoti

Nollywood actress Mercy Aigbe has been attacked online by some Nigerians for disrespecting her senior wife, Funsho Adeoti.

Naija News earlier reported that Funsho Adeoti issued a stern warning to Mercy Aigbe for living in her house and consistently taking photos to share online.

Following the controversies surrounding the marriage of her husband, Kazim Adeoti to Mercy Aigbe, it’s been alleged that Funsho had warned her husband not to bring the actress to their home which they built together.

Multiple sources alleged that Funsho Adeoti contributed over 70% of the fund used in building the house before she left Nigeria.

However, Mercy Aigbe has paid deaf ears, packed into the house and consistently took photos in Funsho Adeoti’s favourite position to taunt her which led to the warnings earlier.

Reacting after the warning, Mercy Aigbe shared more photos online probably daring Funsho Adeoti to do her worst.

At the time of filing this report, Mercy Aigbe is yet to bring down the photos and videos earlier shared on her page despite the warning from Funsho Adeoti.

This earned her criticism as netizens claimed she is disrespecting her senior wife and overstepping her boundaries.

lizzyuc_ wrote: “Dis is really bad I pity de first wife honestly de collect ur husband and fight u on top”

kawl_mi_shawlar wrote: “Mercy is over stepping. She should be careful cos everything has repercussion”.

wittyirene78 wrote: “But it is painful ooo. House wey you sweat build, another woman come dey dance on top am to spite you. Forget, anybody fit loose home training”.

ladye4303 wrote: “Mmmh one must be very careful in life. We are all getting on in life and most times, we regret our actions as we get older. The truth is, we must treat others how we would like to be treated. But we have become a selfish, self-centred generation with no conscience whatsoever. What are we? Mere dust here today, gone tomorrow. We are fortunate to see this day, let us strive to seek honesty and peace. First wife do the needful and maintain silence and dignity. Second wife be careful as nothing last forever!!!!!! Husband, ‘kudos’ for bringing this self-made hell in your home. No matter how we try to justify our actions with religion etc the truth is we feel the heat of our actions unreservedly”.