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Veteran Actor, Charles Awurum Reveals Shocking Reason Actresses Join Nollywood



Veteran Nollywood actor, Charles Awurum has stated that some practitioners, particularly women joined the industry because of prostitution.

The actor, who made the revelation while speaking to Punch, disclosed that practitioners get into the industry for various reasons.

Awurum pointed out that others do it for fame, and some are in the industry for the money.

He added that some people are in the industry without talents, but they are unwilling to learn the rudiments of the profession.

He said;  “While some get in because of fame, such people feel that once get in, everything will fall in place. They don’t take time to learn the technical aspects of the job, especially production and become experts at what they do. “Some are there for women. And some women are there to make a name in order to go into other things and have their way in the world.”

He revealed that some women are in Nollywood because of prostitution. And others are there for the reason best known to them.

Some practitioners buy roles and they go on set to display their big cars, buy gifts for producers in order to have an edge.

“Such would be given lead roles but they make things difficult for everyone in that production. Shooting a scene usually takes days and the producer wouldn’t want to drop such an actor because of the benevolence he or she enjoys from such a person,” Awurum said.