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Ohanaeze Berates Apostle Suleiman Over Statement On Ndigbo



Igbo lelders

The Ohanaeze Youth Council has called out Apostle Johnson Suleiman of Omega Fire Ministry for describing Ndigbo as ‘shameless people’

Recall that Pastor Suleiman had described Ndigbo ‘as shameless people’, who will destroy Biafra if given the opportunity to create their own nation.

The national president of the council, Igboayaka O. Igboayaka, on Wednesday in a statement described the Apostle as an ‘untrained pastor who lacks the ethics of the pulpit’.

Igboayaka also recalled how Mr Suleiman broke away from Armour of God Church in Lagos State and launched his Omega Ministry ‘in his quest to exploit Christians’.

He said, “Johnson Suleiman has remained dumb since 2015 [that] Fulani herdsmen, bandits and Boko Haram insurgents have been terrorising innocent Nigerians through their criminal activities.

“Johnson Suleiman’s cowardice and timidity couldn’t allow him to summon courage to speak against the wanton killings going on in the country, but he can gather courage to insult the most entrepreneurial race in the world.”

According to him, “Johnson Suleiman’s lack of ministry training and quest to exploit Christians made him break away from the Armour of God Church in 2004.

“It’s obvious that Johnson Suleiman is governed by pride of life and lust of the flesh, otherwise he couldn’t have mounted a pulpit with an unspeakable ego to make a generalised statement that ‘Ndigbo are shameless’.

“Pastor Johnson Suleiman, if truly a man of God as he claims, could have concentrated on preaching the gospel of love, condemn the injustice and corruption that’ve been ravaging Nigeria over the years.

“Pastor Suleiman obviously belongs to the clique of Pastor and General Overseers who preach for their bellies, thereby making merchandise of the people.

“I challenge Johnson Suleiman today, if he be a real man of God with power of Holy Spirit, to move without police escorts.

“Pastor Suleiman should concentrate on running his business centre with a church sign board at Auchi and allow Ndigbo with their God and destiny.”