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Biafra Nations League Commander Killed




Cameroonian Army

A commander of the pro-Biafra group, the Biafra Nations League have been reportedly killed.

The leader of the ‘freedom fighters’ was allegedly killed by operatives of the Rapid Intervention Battalion, a Cameroonian military unit in the Bakassi Peninsula.

A statement credited to Ita Bassey, leader of the Bakassi chapter of BNL, confirmed the killing of the deceased.

Naija News understands from the report that the BNL commander was killed during an operation last week.

The deceased is said to have led an armed group that attacked a boat in a bid to abduct three tourists, and one security personnel onboard.

The corpse of the commander according to Bassey, has since been handed over to the Nigerian Military.

He was captured in his house, we are not aware if he was part of the attack on the boat on Wednesday, but what we know is that he has been killed and his remains handed to Nigerian Military,” he stated.

The statement explained further that the Cameroonian Security Forces shot the suspect when he attempted to flee during a tip-off operation at his residence in Idabato on Friday morning.

Some weeks ago, the BNL ordered its men to regroup to block border entrances and roads.

The group also directed its members to kidnap oil workers in the South-Eastern borders and coastal areas.

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