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Video: Reactions As Rich Man Wipes Couple Faces With Money At ‘Their Wedding’, Went Away With The Money




Video: Reactions As Rich Man Wipes Couples Face With Money At 'Their Wedding', Went Away With The Money

A viral video on social media has sparked reactions after a rich man was captured on camera doing something that calls for questioning.

In the video seen by Naija News on Facebook, the unidentified rich man is seen spraying money at a couple as they dance at their wedding.

His actions, however, has raised many eyebrows as he used one of the notes to wipes the bride and groom’s face before walking away with the particular note.

According to Munachy Harry, a social media user who shared the video, the wedding event took place in Imo state in January 2022.

Nigerians on the internet have been asking questions about the event, as they suggest the rich man’s action is weird and should be investigated.

Sharing the video, Harry captioned: “Let’s all be careful. Things are really happening.
As seen on the video below.

“A marriage was held somewhere in Imo, a man came and was spraying the couple dollars.

“At the end, he took one of the dollars rub it on their faces, and went away with it. The strange thing is, Why did he use it to rub their faces?

“Why didn’t he drop it after rubbing it on their faces? I pray nothing happens to the couple.”

Watch the viral video clip below:

See some of the reactions that followed below:

A Facebook user, Paul Mary was curious how the couples were carried away by the event not to have noticed what the man was doing to them.

She wrote: “They were just carried away by the money, I think something is wrong somewhere may God help us.”

On his part, Okechukwu Orabueze suggests the rich man’s action is beyond physical and hence should be investigated.

The netizen wrote: “The money he used wiped their destinies (cleaned their faces), he didn’t drop it and that sends a serious signal to the legends. Let them look for that man for spiritual release.”

Meanwhile, Uwakwe Gad Anya was offended by the Cameraman who possibly may have noticed the moment but kept mute.

“The cameraman must be vary stupid. After recording such he still kept quiet and let the evil go.
May this not be our portion in Jesus name,” Anya prayed.

“And they are there jubilating whereby the man has done the worst on the couple…he has taken what is bigger than the money he sprayed.

“This couple needs to go for deliverance, they need serious prayers”, curious Blessing Madu wrote.

Also reacting, Glory Uzoeke Uzuegbu believed that the man’s power will fail since his ‘secret’ has been exposed.

“For posting and exposing it, the man has failed. He is doomed. The mouths of people are God’s mouth.
Wind will carry that note,” the netizen wrote.

“They should locate the man show him the video as evidence In case if anything happens to them they will hold him responsible,” Chiamaka C Agwunenu commented.

Chioma Ozonna Chiedozie, however, disagreed that the event was a wedding. He was curious if it was some kinda ritual that demands the scenario.

The Facebook user wrote: “It doesn’t look like a wedding to me. Could they be performing some rituals that require that? Hmmm nothing is impossible. Some humans are evil.

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