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Russia Vs Ukraine: List Of Key Events As War Enters Day Eight



The war between Russia and its neighbouring country, Ukraine enters the eighth day with hundreds of people killed, properties destroyed and residents displaced.

There had been steps to end the crisis in Ukraine, however, peace talk between the two countries has not been productive as Russia intensify its attacks.

Naija News has deemed it fit to share updates from the war which has been widely condemned by world leaders.

Here are some key events as the war enters the ninth day:

1. Ukraine Offer Free Visa For Foreigners 

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, on Wednesday offered to waive visa requirements for foreigners who helps fight in their war against Russia.

Zelensky authorised a decree that would allow foreigners to assist his country in the fight against Russian troops that invaded the country last Thursday.

2. Kharkiv Bombarded

Russia continues to attack Ukraine’s second city Kharkiv, with police and university structures been destroyed in the attack.

3. 498 Russian Troops Killed

Not less than 498 Russian troops have lost their lives in the clash with Ukraine.

According to United Nations, at least 227 civilians have been killed,, however, stated that the real toll is likely higher.

4. War Crimes Probe

The International Criminal Court’s chief prosecutor says an active probe into possible war crimes in Ukraine “will immediately proceed” after his office received the backing of 39 countries.

5. Residents Flee Ukraine

The United Nations has described the decision of a million refugees to flee Ukraine as the fastest exodus of people this century.

Foreigners and citizens of Ukraine have taken refuge in neighbouring countries.