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Ukraine Vs Russia War: Bayern Munich’s Lewandowski Reacts



Ukraine Vs Russia War: Bayern Munich's Lewandowski Reacts

Polish professional football player, Robert Lewandowski, has reacted to the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine.

The unrest has entered its third day without signs of ending soon and the Bayern Munich striker is saying no to war.

According to him, war is against “everything beautiful in sports”.

This is as the 33-year-old player pleaded for solidarity with Ukraine amid Russia’s invasion of the country.

Naija News reports that leaders of the warring countries stirred up more fears on Friday after each gave an order of ‘attack and defend’ to its armies and citizens.

Russia President Vladimir Putin had earlier launched a major military invasion into Ukraine from several directions on Thursday, with explosions heard in the country’s capital, Kyiv.

In a bid to retaliate in full force, the Ukraine Ministry of the Interior on Friday handed out over 18,000 guns to all volunteers in Kyiv, who want to defend the country’s capital.

Ukrainian volunteers armed to the teeth have taken positions at the state capital, as Russian forces advance, Naija News reports

A leaflet with step-by-step instructions on how to make petrol bombs has also been posted on the Ministry of the Interior’s social media.

As the war lingers, Sportspeople, teams and organizations around the world have joined in the condemnation of Russia’s attack.

Joining the host of others, Bayern Munich on Friday lit their stadium up in the blue and yellow colours of the Ukrainian flag, with coach Julian Nagelsmann expressing his shock at the invasion.

Speaking on behalf of his teammates, Lewandowski said: “Everything beautiful in sports is against what war brings.”

“For all people who value freedom and peace, this is a time of solidarity with the victims of military aggression in Ukraine,” the Polish striker posted on his official social media channels.

Meanwhile, on Thursday, the Polish football association, along with their counterparts from Sweden and the Czech Republic, requested that Russia be barred from hosting any upcoming FIFA World Cup qualifiers.

The four nations are in the same play-off pathway for Qatar 2022. Russia had been set to host Poland in March.

On Friday, the European football ruling body, UEFA announced that any international matches due to be held in Russia or Ukraine would have to be moved to a neutral venue.

It also confirmed that St Petersburg had been stripped of holding this season’s UEFA Champions League final match, Naija News reports.

Speaking further in another publication, Lewandowski said he would hold discussions with his teammates as to whether they wish to face Russia.

“As the captain of the national team, I will talk to my colleagues from the team about the match with Russia in order to work out a common position on this matter and present it to the president of the Polish Football Association as soon as possible,” the Poland international noted.