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Ukraine Vs Russia: Reno Omokri Reveals How Attacks Will Benefit Nigeria




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Reno Omokri, former aide to president Goodluck Jonathan, has revealed how the ongoing crisis between Ukraine and Russia will help the Nigerian economy.

Reno revealed via his Instagram page that the invasion of Ukraine will produce an oil windfall for Nigeria.

He revealed further that oil is presently selling above $100, adding that Nigerians have to be watchful at this present time so Buhari’s Government does not usurp the funds into their personal coffers.

According to him: ”Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will produce an oil windfall for Nigeria, just as Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait did in 1991. Oil is now selling above $100. Let us not be too distracted by the war in Ukraine, because if we are, the Buhari regime will loot Nigeria dry and leave in 2023.

“Nigeria can do nothing to stop that war. But Nigerians can do something to stop Buhari’s looting. They have already increased our total debt from ₦12 trillion in 2015, to ₦40 trillion in 2022, and would have continued borrowing but for China, which has refused to lend them any more money.

“The Buhari regime came for nothing more than to steal, kill and destroy. If we are not vigilant, their plans will leave us devastated.”