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Adesina Narrates How Buhari Trekked From South-East To Cameroon Border


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President Muhammadu Buhari’s media aide, Femi Adesina, on Friday claimed that his principal can’t afford to be idle while the unity of the nation is at stake.

According to Adesina, Nigerians and the president inclusive have to pay the price to keep the country united.

Adesina stated this when he hosted Black Apple Media Group in his office on Friday.

The presidential aide noted that President Buhari trekked from the South-East to Gakem near the Cameroon border, “all to keep Nigeria one. Do you think somebody like that will sit idle and let some people try to dismember the country?”

He further stated, “Our anthem says the labour of our heroes past can never be in vain. Those were the ones who have fought to keep Nigeria together.

By age 20, he joined the army, by 25, he was already at the civil war fighting for the unity of this country. Mr President himself has always said that for three years that the war lasted, he was there throughout, he didn’t go for any break, he didn’t ask for any pass, he was at the war front.”

He also recalled that during his school days, there was no division.

Femi Adesina said: “When we were in school, it used to be Ife-Modakeke Students Union. They merged, they had one group together, there was no difference, so when that war came, it was strange to us.

“We used to be one, that is how Nigeria was originally, and we didn’t know any different. You are from here, you are from there, we were all together, all the ethnic groups in the country, there was no difference. To now see some things happening is confounding to us.

“That is why we must commend an initiative like this, anything that will promote unity, that will promote togetherness, that will show the evil of Fake News, Hate Speech is something that will be supported, so I want to assure you that as the Media Office of the President, we will support this initiative.

“All those who are trying to cause a commotion, cause disunity, cause dismemberment, I think they just struggle in vain, it will not happen. Nigeria will be together. I want to thank you for coming and for this initiative and you can count on us for support.”